Tuesday, March 21, 2017

PhotoPills now available for Android

PhotoPills goes Android! The best selling iOS app for planning photo shoots with the Sun, Moon and Milky Way is now available for Android!

“Hey Royce! - I just wanted to tell you that after 1 year of hard work, we've just released the [Android] Beta version for PhotoPills,” - Rafael Pons, The Bard, at PhotoPills.

Rafael had confided in me about a year ago that they were working on this, and I’m so excited for them! Keep in mind that this is a beta, unreleased app, and it may be unstable. Android users are finally going to experience what only iPhone and iPad users have enjoyed for several years now. This is one AMAZING app (and I’m not getting any renumeration for recommending this).

At $9.99, this may seem a little expensive for an Android app, but this is the same price that iOS users have been paying for years. The app is very versatile and has so much depth, you'll be amazed at all the things it can do. Unlike most apps out there that provide very little instruction, PhotoPills provides a complete library of user helps, including video tutorials for every function.


  1. It can be installed from the Play Store?

  2. That is really good news, that's the one app which I was looking to have in my android phone. Thank you for sharing the update with us

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